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Thank you for considering Balanced Performance to provide corporate wellness programming for your company.

Below you will find our holistic health program designed to accomplish your company's health-related goals in a lasting and sustainable way.


Most of the health programs that companies provide today include paid insurance, extended medical leaves, and more. The problem is the fact they come into effect only after an (often costly) health issue has already happened. Our job is to prevent and improve chronic conditions by creating a healthy lifestyle for your employees through continuous and focused efforts.

This will optimize healthcare costs and improve engagement by encouraging employees to make beneficial changes that will at the end, reflect in their work, home and community.

Here's what we have planned for your team:

Baseline Surveys

It's impossible to change what you don't understand.

Our unique surveys allow us to see what kind of issues are trending in your company and what areas can be improved in order to keep the workers healthy, happy, and confident.

In addition, your employees will understand what specific habits are contributing to their health conditions and will be able to design their personal journey to better health.

Nutrition Empowerment

Let's be real: Employees, in general, tend to make unhealthy choices, simply because they believe they don’t have the time to do otherwise.

Picking up a glazed doughnut for breakfast seems easier than making a salad. A mocha latte often substitutes for a bad night’s sleep. Unfortunately, these choices often lead to ongoing fatigue and lack of motivation.

Our job is to educate them and offer quick, simple, and healthy alternatives through our interactive seminars and workshops.

Functional Fitness

The next step in a healthier work environment is to make sure your employees don't spend the whole day behind the computer screen.

Many chronic diseases are preventable and creating healthy workout habits will get you and your employees one step closer to living a healthy life.

We use SNAX™ — short, nuanced, actionable exercises—to get everyone moving throughout the day without the need for a gym or taking time away from their already busy lives.

Stress Reduction

Unrelenting stress has been shown to be at the core of 70% of health-related issues including migraines, poor digestion, obesity, and even cancer.

Having a “healthy mind” and “healthy body” shouldn’t be considered as two separate entities. You don’t have to choose one above the other. We'll show you how to reduce stress and deal with overwhelm while improving productivity in a way that will benefit both you and your employees.

Our Greatest Wealth is Health.

Team Training Options

Monthly Live Workshops

Dr. Susan Lovelle and her team will personally conduct monthly, hour-long interactive workshops for your employees.

The topics to be covered can include:

  • Program Introduction & Orientation

  • Eat Elite—Choosing Your Best Nutrition for High Performance

  • Move More—Without Stepping Into a Gym

  • Stress, Hormones, and Health

  • Understanding Cholesterol and Heart Health

  • Adopting a Healthy Mindset for Greater Productivity

  • Restoring Gut Health

  • Understanding Detox

  • Insulin and Diabetes—Resetting Your Metabolism

  • Designing a Healthy Home

  • Work-Life Balance: Principles of Self Care

Virtual and Hybrid

For smaller or geographically-distanced teams, we offer our on-demand video course, Thrive! Six Weeks to Radiant Energy.

Each week, participants are invited to an open Office Hours that recaps the week's training and then opens for any questions that arise. Topics in this course include:

  • Program Introduction & Orientation

  • Eat Elite—Choosing Your Best Nutrition for High Performance

  • Move More—Without Stepping Into a Gym

  • Taming the Tigers of Stress

  • Getting the Restful Sleep You Need

  • Listen, Let Go, and Live—The Only Advice You'll Ever Need

Dr. Susan's Speaker Demo

What Our Participants Say

Because it's all about how what your people walk away with....

"Invest in yourself—live, laugh and love the healthy way."


"Now I know how to identify where to focus so you can take the most helpful SMALL steps."


"So exited to implement changes with the Wheel!"


"I know now what I need to focus on to improve my life.!


"SNAX—I love acronyms to help me remember healthy tips."


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